Mahaya Petrossian's Biography

She was born on January 3rd, 1970   (13 Dey 1348), in Tehran. Her father is a civil engineer and her mother is a children sanitation specialist. She has a brother and a sister  who work in scientific fields, and also she is the youngest child in her family.
She passed her primary school at Jandark French school (A two language school that the students were learning the lessons from morning to noon in Farsi and from noon to evening in French).
After the Islamic revolution and for the first grade of guidance school, she registered in Raazi Guidance school. Then she continued her study in Maryam school (an Armenian school) for next 3 years. After that she passed her last 3 years of high school in Hadaf High school.She got her Diploma in natural science, in 1987 (1366).
She was impressed in art and be an actress in the last years of high school. And that was just a personal desire and there wasn't any relationship between her decision and her family field of study and job.
After the high school period she participated in concours (university entrance exam) preparation classes. Moreover she passed some courses that are supervised by Shohreh Lorestaani in Jahhad-E-Daneshgahi of Tehran university. Her first experiences in theater were shaped in these classes.

She was accepted in general concours of art. She got the first-rate in theater and second-rate in cinema in 1988 (1367). She chose Theater to continue her study and registered in department of fine art in Tehran university.
The first professional theater that she acted in was "Khasteghary" (Courtship) , written by Anton Tchekhov, that had been prepared just as a class project but next had been chosen for public show. That was her first serious experience in acting (1989/1368).
In the same year she acted in a short role in "Eshgh-o-Marg" (Love and Death) and experienced acting in cinema for the first time. She continued professional acting in cinema and theater during the university period.And also she acted in some amateur theater, when she was a student in the university such as: "Majeraye nime shab" (Midnight story), written by: Sean O’casey, co-star: Hamid Farrokhnejad, and "Daavat" (Invitation), written by: Dr. Gholamhossein Saedi,
directed by: Hamid Farrokhnejad, co-star: Elahe Golpari. During that time she directed "Mashin nevisha" (The Typists) , written by: Morey Shisgal, co-star: Ali Omrani (but this theater had
not been shown in common).
She graduated in 1994 (1373). The name of her thesis was "The methods of acting in Marekeh-Dar-Marekeh theater", that had a special look to the methods of acting in that theater and analyzed the theater in east and the manner of combination of the eastern theater and the modern theater.
In 1994 (1373) she had a short trip to Armenia with some of Iranian cinema staff for Iranian Films Festival on Yerevan. In this festival "Pardeye akhar" (The last act) and "Honarpisheh"  (The actor) had been shown that she acted in. In 1995 (1374) she went to U.S.A. with the Marekeh-Dar-Marekeh group and they shown this theater in some U.S. cities such as L.A., San Francisco, New York and Washington… this trip was continued for 4 months.

In 1997 (1375) she participated in "The international seminar on the presence of women in contemporary cinema" with this article “Women , social masochism and violence in cinema”.
She participated in Courmayeur Noir Film Festival (Italy) in 2001 (1380).

Some other of her activities are writing scenario and initial scenario that includes: "Shobadeh baaz" (The juggler) scenario in 2001 (1380). "Shobadeh baaz" is a free adaptation of one of the short story of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. She wrote the script for short film named "A beautiful snowy day" in 2007.

She was nominated to receive the award of the Fajr Film Festival for the movies below:"Pardeye akhar" (The last act) ,"Digeh che khabar!?" (“What else is new!?”) , "Nabakhshoudeh" (Unforgivable) and "Haft pardeh" (Seven act). She was admired for acting in "Digeh che khabar!?" (1370) (“What else is new!?” 1992). She nominated the best actress for "3KM ahead" in AZAD CINEMA festival(1381). She received the best supporting actress Crystal Simorgh award from 2000 Fajr Film Festival for acting in "Haft pardeh" (Seven act)(1379).

In 2009 (1388), She directed 32 min film, “ye rooze ghashange barfi (a beautiful snowy day)” with Amir Toodeh Roosta. In this film, she was in charge of script writing, directing, acting and common producing with documentary and experimental film center. This shortfilm won awards from:

 - The best semi-long film in Hamedan's international children's festival in 2009(1388).

 - The best film in Asia (Jelvegahe Shargh) in Tehran's International shortfilm festival in 2009(1388).

 - And also won the Diploma in the Kosar women's festival in 2009.

This film was accepted in below foreign festivals as well:

 - Dubai's International film festival in 2009.

 - Golden apricot (Armenia) in 2010.

 - Zoom (Poland) in 2011.

 - Akbank (Turkey).

 - Iranian film festival – San Francisco (America).

 - Auburn international film festival for children and young adults (Australia).

 - Kan (Poland) in 2012.

 - Zanzibar (Tanzania) in 2011.

 - Iranian-American film festival in Seattle (America) in 2013.

 - It was the special Jury Prize in Kan & Zoom festival (Poland).

 - And also was award for the best shortfilm in Zanzibar (Tanzania).  


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